So are we. As employer.
That is important to us.

Our vision. What do we do? Why are we doing this? Who are we doing this for?

Zum Goldenen Hirschen“. The place to be. In Gmunden. In the Salzkammergut. In the Traunsee region. For guests. For Gmundners. As employer. „Zum Goldenen Hirschen” is the place for inspiration. Creative thinkers, artists and cultural workers, aesthetes come to us before they become (world) famous.

Our mission. Where do we want to go? When do we want to reach the goal? How do we want to proceed?

Zum Goldenen Hirschen” is both a hotel and a platform. A place of well-being. And for exchange. We create the perfect conditions for togetherness. „Zum Goldenen Hirschen” creates memories.

Zum Goldenen Hirschen” is hospitable. Enjoyable. Open. Inviting. Lively. Different. Original. Tradition conscious. Simultaneously modern. Naturally. Pure. Authentic. Brave. empathetic. sensitive. strong character. „Zum Goldenen Hirschen” is open for new ideas. Innovative. disruptive. And economically viable. We pursue a holistic way of thinking and working, which is implemented with a high degree of credibility and thus creates an attractive product for our (new) target groups. Digitization as added value.

Zum Goldenen Hirschen” thinks holistically. A balance between investment costs, income from operations and expected returns is just as important to us as fair and success-oriented payment for all employees. We communicate our goals to all team members. And thus enable entrepreneurial thinking and acting.



Currently we are looking for a / a restaurant manager, member of our service team and a young chef.

In addition, we provide places for training as a hotel specialist, restaurant specialist and cook. A great profession. A vocation! We are excited…

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